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The Tree Fern Designs Story

When I was younger I loved to go walking with my dad, wandering through the forests near our house searching for cast antlers. Most of the time we never found any, but we always saw or found something special, be it a lyrebird nest, an unusual plant or maybe a platypus swimming in a dam.

My love of being outdoors and a slightly uncool interest in rocks then led me to study geology for a few years (the perfect excuse to go traipsing off in search of gemstones). When this didn't turn into the career I expected, I realised I needed to change tack.

I’d always wanted to make something wearable from the natural beauty around me, and then when I discovered resin, I was sold!

Each piece of jewellery I make is hand-made from a mixture of materials. I'm a big fan of keeping things real, and therefore strive to use undyed, raw and natural materials where possible.

The flowers, leaves, moss and lichen have mostly been collected on one of my many adventures into the forests and mountains of southern Victoria, or sometimes grown on my parent’s small flower-farm in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. Gemstones come from across the globe.

I use eco-resin as a medium for most pieces. This resin is partially made from the by-products of other renewable industries, and as such has a lower carbon footprint than conventional resins. It also resists yellowing with time, and contains UV resistant components which help prevent fading of the embedded botanicals.

My products are constantly changing as I find new ways to capture the world around me. It really is amazing what you can see when you just stop to look (: